Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Screams ...

With October 2010 now folded and tucked into the back of my Happy Place, I thought I would review some of my favorite happenings from said month—before someone comes along and puts a Christmas wreath on my Ghoultide joy. I mean, have you been to the shops lately? Enough already; we haven't even put one forkful of the Tryptophan stuff into our gobs yet!

Anyway, I digress ... these, by the way, are in no particular order:

AMC Fear Fest 2010

Now, I nearly gave up on this annual horror movie marathon (really, how excited can one get about the same-old lineup year after year?). But then came Frank Darabont. Mmm, boy. Beautiful, bald, and as a brilliant writer, he helped craft one of my favorite films in the NOES franchise, Dream Warriors. In his dreams, Jennifer Rubin is beautiful ... and bad!

Along with Darabont (who hosted this year's Fest to promote The Walking Dead) came a lineup that made me consider calling in sick for a week to camp out on the couch, wear Depends and call in for a steady stream of takeout (what stopped me? Well, I like how the whole job-subsidized lights, hot water and roof-over-my-head arrangement's been working out. Plus Starbucks doesn't deliver). AMC not only rolled out the F13 series up to Jason Goes to Hell (not my cuppa, but ... a girl can't complain too much), they added hilarious comic horror re-enactments, courtesy of Two Swedes Sweding, and drool-worthy interview bumpers with some of my favorites, including Alexandre Aja, (childhood crush) Kane Hodder and the Saw guys, James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Plus we got to see Halloween I, II and III in addition to the usual Fear Fest airings of 4 and 5. Well done, AMC.

Friday Night Hammer Horror, TCM

For one glorious month, Turner Classic Movies aired the cream of Hammer Horror every Friday night. My husband and I planned our entire nights around these gorgeous films, which not only hold up to this day, but are scarier and generally better than anything out at the cinema. The only thing that could have made this better was if Sir Christopher Lee himself had helped Robert Osborne introduce and close out the films. My favorite? Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. Peter Cushing was never sexier than he was as the evil Doctor. Add him and it to my long list of British loves.

The Return of Elvira's Movie Macabre

The Mistress of the Dark. That's not a self-proclaimed title; that's a fact. Elvira rules over girls my age. I grew up with Elvira, watching her on my local Channel 9 station in the early 80s, then seeing her in the early 90s as she performed at Knott's Halloween Haunt every year (bring her BACK, Knott's!). It's a steady diet of classic B-grade horror, witty one-liners and the blood of young virgin males that keeps her looking so beautiful and vibrant. Okay, I'm probably not right about the last one—at least I don't think that's blood they're shedding while tuning in on Saturday nights. Click for TV listings and watch!

Hollywood Gothique

Oh, Hollywood Gothique. How you make me so deliriously happy with your endless stream of information, of goings-ons and must-sees. This site has a permanent link to the right of this blog, and it deserves it because it is just so damn good. The Evil Dead is playing November 19th at The Art Theatre of Long Beach. See what just happened there? Just Hollywood Gothique doing what it does best: keeping all us Horror nerds happy!