Friday, June 17, 2011

Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?

In horror films, you don't ask how the sausage is made—if you've seen Motel Hell, Terror House (my personal childhood favorite) or the very helpfully-titled Blood Diner, you know that the hot links contain some killer filler. But no other film left a worse aftertaste in the hearts, minds and mouths of genre fans than the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The main / end title music even sounds like what you might hear in a kitchen from Hell (Norms restaurants notwithstanding):

So imagine my surprise upon reading Bloody Disgusting's OMFG of the Day, which featured Junction House in Kingsland, Texas—the very house where Chain Saw's exteriors were filmed (if not the very area, as the restaurant's website confirms that the house was moved from its original location in Wilco in the 1990s).

The Junction House enjoys a rating of four out of five stars on Yelp.

The house not only thrives to this day; its owners actually embrace its legacy, mentioning the film on their website, as well as on their Facebook page. Carmie likes this!

Georgia on My Mind ...

In other unrelated-but-sort-of news, The Newnan Times-Herald has published the dates, times and locations for the July filming of season two of "The Walking Dead" in Newnan, Georgia. If you live in or around this area, I'm jealous!

See Anything You Like?

And finally, zombiesdrule on YouTube is selling some really awesome-looking shirts for nostalgia nuts with a sense of humor. Check out his store!