Friday, July 1, 2011

Beggars Can Be Losers.

As today is the last day to vote for trailers in the AOF Action Video Challenge, I'm throwing whatever pride I have left to the blogs in favor of getting as many votes as I can for my husband John Chance's fantastic short, The Timeslip. But first, here's a little bit about the man himself:

Cool, right? So, back to the competition: now, I don't know whose idea it was—in this day and age of instant gimme-have-it—to make it as mother-effing difficult as possible for people to 1) register,  2) search for the film and 3) vote, but I'm hoping that by walking the five people who read my blog (and I love you, five people) through the process (skipping the find-the-film part), we can secure at least five more votes. John was in the lead, and now he's not. But together, we can change that!

1. Register at the Action On Film site:

2. Click on this link to take you to The Timeslip video:

3. Click on the fifth star to the right, and you're done!

I thank you, John thanks you. I thank you ...

Anyway, the winner gets to see their film showcased on the "AOF Channel Show" on NBC, and I can't think of anyone more deserving than John. He works hard, he's passionate about filmmaking, and he's a true independent. How many filmmakers can we really say that about anymore?